Building with prefabricated concrete parts

Solid precast parts are manufactured in the factory, predominantly completed with all mounting parts and subsequently erected on the construction site to form a building. They consist of solid concrete and the static reinforcement is already installed in the factory.
The large area elements are usually used to build solid walls and floors, inner and partition walls as well as sandwich walls equipped with an insulation layer. A special product is the façade panel. Its surface is designed with a wide range of different designs and finishes.

Subsequent casting on the construction site is not necessary and the solid elements can be installed without further required processing. The advantage of building with solid precast products is a considerable shortening of construction time without climatic influences. Buildings constructed of solid precast parts have a long service life, a comfortable indoor temperature and a long, stable value. This construction method also has significant advantages concerning fire prevention, sound protection and thermal insulation. 

  • Building with prefabricated concrete parts